The Patient-centred general practice consultation

  • Dr JH Levenstein SA Academy of Family Practice/Primary Care
Keywords: physicians, family, patoent compliance, patoent care, patient participation, continuity of patient care, communication barriers, nonverbal communication, social facilitation, physician-patient relations, models, psychological


What happens between the doctor and the patient in General Practice? Are the patient's needs met? Dr Levenstein discusses the vital importance for the GP pf having a model to work from during a consultation which is patient-orientated and not doctor-centred. This will help the doctor to ascertain the real reason for the patient's visit, to understand his problems and to enter into his world. Simplified examples of doctor-patient interactions are given to illustrate how the model operates by paying attention to the patient's expectations, his feelings and his fears.

Author Biography

Dr JH Levenstein, SA Academy of Family Practice/Primary Care